About Us

Meet the Team

Spencer Patrick :: CTO

Spencer’s introduction to web development began when he founded The Hive Music with friends from High School and College in 2010.  He then switched majors from Architecture to Computer Science and graduated at Clemson with a BS in Computer Science in 2014.  Spencer has a wide range of experience in managing the entire project lifecycle, from requirements gathering, to planning, to implementation, and testing.  He specializes in ecommerce development, managing projects with 10,000+ items, while working with diverse industries to build a cohesive product that maximizes ROI for his customers.  These include: marketing agencies to generate ad/email campaigns and track user shopping habits to target his customer’s audience, SEO firms to build better page rankings and get his customers noticed, payment gateway integrations with PayPal and Authorize.net, and developing cross-channel order solutions with Amazon, Google Shopping Feed, and many more.  When he’s not working on projects, Spencer runs with his dog Rocky, plays lacrosse, and samples drafts at local breweries.

Danny Mecca :: CEO

Danny’s start came from a school project that transformed his career. In 2006 he was given the opportunity to build a website for a local festival,which didn’t seem like much at the time, but aided him in a vision and future with web technologies. A year later the project was complete, his work was a presented on a national level, and more than anything he realized the potential, future, and business needs for web development. A few weeks later MeccaProduction was founded. Danny has over 10 years experience in web development, design and managing development projects/teams. In his free time you can find him flying a Cessna, wakeboarding, or drinking craft beers at a brewery.