Web Services

Web Sites

Every site is different and we understand that. Our team builds out a project that fits your requirements. We also provide pre-configured packages that are industry specific.

  • Custom Development

    • Our Process
      • We start with an initial consultation to gather your requirements, current setups, and learn about your company.
      • With this information we do our research to get a deeper dive into your company and other companies in the industry.
      • We then take our analysis and have leads from design, development, and project sit down to review requirements and come up with a clear project plan.
      • Our project plan is available to the customer throughout the process, to make sure we keep milestones and any variations which may occur during the process.
      • Once the plan is completed we schedule a meeting with our team and your stakeholders.
      • When the plan is approved we start work on your project.
      • The first step of every project is to document every piece of the project. To make a software that is maintainable and scalable this is essential and a requirement for every one of our projects. The documentation is shared with our customers.
      • Implementation begins and our developers / designers / project managers get hard to work. At a minimum we keep our clients updated weekly.
      • When all requirements are completed we have an internal review process. Every requirement from the initial project plan is reviewed and tested by our team.
      • If everyone on the team signs off, we give the project back to the customer for review.
    • Web Technologies
      • WordPress
        • Almost half of the websites on the internet use wordpress, for one reason because it offers extensive flexibility, control, and ease of use.
      • Meteor
        • A full stack web development framework that allows us to quickly create immersive website applications.
      • MEAN (MongoDB + Express + Angular + Node)
        • The fantastic 4 of the web. These 4 open source web applications combine to create a full stack web development platform.
      • MogoDB
        • MongoDB is a document store database. It’s data structure is nothing like SQL but provides valuable uses for applications using Meteor or Mean. Our developers are MongoDB certified.
    • Included With Every Custom Site
      • CDN service
      • Hosting
      • SSL
      • Admin Portal
        • Our admin portal gives you full access to all information on your project, costs, and communication with our team.
    • Pricing


It is a fact that customers / viewers leave websites if they do not respond quickly. Our hosting solutions are built to provide the best performance for your given configurations.

  • Feature’s
    • Hosting is optimized for wordpress.
    • Load times can be around .4 ms.
    • Dedicated server environment
    • CDN service
    • No cost for SSL
    • Daily Backups
    • Production and Development Environments
  • Pricing
    • Please contact us for our most current pricing
  • Custom Hosting
    • Anything outside of our pre-configured packages for website and hosting would require a custom setup.
    • Our team goes through requirements of current load on website and sets up environment accordingly.
    • At our core we use AWS hosting for custom packages. AWS allows flexibility in given regions, load balancing, scalability, and is an essential for growing businesses who want to pay given on usage.
    • Pricing

Design / UX

UX Design

Designing products that are easily useable is a key component to to a success product. Our team specializes in usability design. Our process focuses on the users interaction with the product to come up with an excellent design for every application.

Layout / Structure

Presenting your content in a way that is easy to navigate and structured for both SEO standards and usability is another key component of every design at MeccaProduction. We work with you to go through your content and build out layouts and structure which make using your website a breeze.