Aerial Photography / Videography

Are you in need of aerial media? Our team has FAA certified Pilots that can get the shots you need.

  • Features
    • 4k video
    • High Resolution RAW photos
    • Great for indoor shoots or low altitude shoots ( under 1,800 ft AGL)
  • Equipment
    • DJI Inspire 1
      • 4k Camera
      • Multiple controllers for pilot and camera operator to work independtly
      • Max range 5 Miles
  • Pricing
    • Please contact us for pricing!
  • Features
    • Perfect for high altitude shots which require a pilot. (Maximum altitude 10,000 feet AGL)
    • Great for landscape shots of city space.
    • 4k Video and Photo
    • Maximum flight time of 6 hours allowing for longer shoots than capable with drones.
    • High Speed pass overs
  • Pricing